Monday, November 15, 2010

Jimmy Allen's blog reply to Maxine R Weisz:

Is her reply in fact the very expression of tension between the profession of teaching and the profession of librarianship? More often than not the school library closes at 3.30pm. Where if I may ask does Maxine R Weisz think the students will take their homework? Often
they take their homework to the public library, where the public librarian or children's librarian routinely offers successfully, the very bibliographic instruction and curriculum support that Maxine R Weisz and her colleagues believe you must also be a state certified teacher to perform. Particularly in areas where there are no school librarians, because of the national shortage of school librarians.

In the School Library Journal, June 2003 edition, page 15. It's possible to view the comments of Kathleen Lynch Media Specialist Fords Middle School Fords, NJ who says, "I was just reading your April Edition when I came across a letter from Jimmy Allen who suggested that just because you have a library degree from an ALA-accredited school you can run a school library. I really disagree. Not only do I disagree, his statements to support his position really anger me."

In the School Library Journal, June 2003 edition, page 15.
Deborah Lyman Teacher/librarian Genet Elementary School East Greenbush, NY says,

"Many of us have rigid class schedules, as opposed to flexible schedules, or a combination of both. In either case, we are writing lesson plans, managing classes, and disciplining students. All of these skills are better handled if we have a teaching background. Contrary to Mr. Allen's belief, the school library is a classroom."

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