Monday, November 15, 2010

If a Librarian who's also a certified teacher is unavailable, is the school library better off closed than staffed by Librarians with Masters degrees?

Let's effectuate some clear communication. In doing so let's examine the construct of the following postulates. First why is there so much focus on the need to exclude professional librarians from school librarianship in the public schools, unless they are also state certified teachers? Isn't it a fact, that this reasoning embodies the fallacious presumption that there are sufficient numbers of state certified teachers, who are also professionally qualified as school librarians/library media specialists. The fact is that if this assumption were in fact valid, there would be no crisis in the 47 out of 50 US states in a shortage of school librarians today. This reality is however axiomatically ignored and is instead replaced with a polemic, fastidiously focusing on the need to have state certified teachers who are also qualified as school librarians. When in fact there aren't enough, hence a national crisis and serious shortage of school librarians in 47 out of 50 states. Isn't it a fact that this is an expression of the tension between the profession of librarianship, and the profession of teaching in America today.

Does anyone in America or anywhere else for that matter actually honestly believe. That where a state certified teacher who is also a school librarian/school library media specialist is unavailable. That the school library is really better off closed, than to be staffed by a professional librarian, who has earned a master's degree accredited by the American Library Association from a regionally accredited university? Does anyone actually believe that? Because if they don't honestly believe that in their heart of hearts, then the argument of needing to also be a state certified teacher in addition to being a school librarian/library media specialist, that whole argument then goes away.

Or does anyone actually out there truly believe that a closed school library is better off being operated by part time volunteer parents? Whose perhaps well intended weeding practices in order to protect children in many ways mirror censorship. And that these part time well intended parent volunteers serve the library and America's school children better than could a professional librarian, who holds a master's degree from an ALA accredited school of librarianship as part of a regionally accredited university. Is that reasonable to believe?

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